30.4.2010 Sindy 8 years

                                                                                              Sindy and Kotten 17.12.2005

                         Sindy and Pelle 2.5.2008            standing on the water

Sindy,  FI CH Flatts Red Line Sweet is 8 years today! A Veteran bitch now!
(Searover My Choice, Scott – Flatts Ninas Red Line, Kotten) Breeder Benita Björklund.

Sindy moved to us 5,5 years ago! What an experience it has been! She came to us with a
broken leg without no obedience or hunting training, but she was loved a lot! Her previous
family keeps still close contact to her. She changed our lives: Markku also became a
flattie-person and I became interested in dog shows. We have also learned much of
fracture nursing and recovering.

Sindy is bright, persistent and keen on working. She never gets tired before the trainer in the
water, in the forest or in the field. She wants to go on and on! The only problem of not getting
more in trials has been the inexperience of the owner, not the one of Sindy. After the leg
operation in the very beginning her movements were not good, but massage, water
physiotherapy and swimming helped a lot. Sindy has got only one injection for her joint, but no
pain killers at all. All that was needed to become a Finnish Champion, not only in the show ring
but also in hunting trials. It was an experience to her to win the third CC among 200 flatties
in the annual Finnish Retriever Show in 2008 and became a real champion.

Sindy belongs from her mother’s side to the old Finnish Flattie Bitch-line dating back over six
generations. Her Father comes from the line of Swedish working flatcoated retriever dogs.
Famous Searover Shanty is her paternal grandmother. Her mother Kotten lived to the age
of 12, father Scott died in the age of 11. Grandmother Nina Flatts became almost 12 years old.
If I had known Sindy as I have learned later on, I had mated her with Noanarkin Asterias
Ruu, (ow. Jade Erkko) though they are second cousins, too close relatives. They never
made a pair even though it was my sweetest dream. I wonder if I ever get a dog from this
combination, Sindy and a dog related to Pelle, Fools Naughty ButNice, Sigge’s Great Aunt.
But you never know what would happen! Sindy has both maternal and paternal half-sisters
who have offsprings likewise Pelle’s sister Fools Never Lose has.

There is also an other Dog that is perfect pair to Sindy. Luca, MeiDan Lokakuu, ow.
Marjatta Eivola. Luca and Sindy won the annual paircompetition 2012 in the Flattie camp
Open show among many tough competitors.

Happy Birthday dear Sindy! Long Live Sindy!